Elements of an Every Day Carry for the Modern Gentlemen

by Bryce Vidler April 14, 2018

The concept of Every Day Carry has been somewhat popularised in recent times through the proliferation of Every Day Carry social media pages such as the Every Day Carry Instagram page which features images of the items which make up contributors to the Every Day Carry (EDC). Being a fan of this page and in a former life being an analyst, I decided to conduct an analysis of the EDC Instagram page and similar social media pages to identify what could be considered essential items to a modern gentlemen’s EDC.

This blog explores the results of my analysis and provides the top 10 elements that I believe make up the essential EDC.

Top Ten Elements of a Modern Gentlemen’s Every Day Carry:

1. The Watch

Every EDC social media page I visited featured a strong emphasis on a watch as the centerpiece of the collection. Watches of all brands and styles are present however; brands such as Seiko and Citizen had a dominant representation. The strong presence of Seiko and Citizen watches is likely due to their affordable prices and reputation for quality with the majority of these watches featuring NATO straps on the watch.

The use of NATO Straps on an EDC makes sense, as the idea behind EDC at its core, is functionality and reliability. As shown in our first blog post NATO Straps are renowned for their functionality, reliability and redundancy. Zulu Straps also retained a strong dominance in the EDC social media pages, which is likely linked to the same reasons as the NATO Straps due to their similar qualities.

2. The Knife 

Knives featured heavily though out my EDC analysis with a strong prevalence of brands such as Spyderco and Victorinox. The addition of a knife to your every day carry is a logical move as a good knife will not only embody a sense of fierceness, but also associates to the hunter within. How many times have you needed a knife and not had one handy, then thought I should really carry a knife?

The functionality of a knife is undeniable, history has taught us the lesson time and time again, just ask the Vikings.

3. The Multi-tool

Most EDC sites had a Multi-tool, if not two or three featuring heavily throughout. Like the NATO Strap, the addition of a multi-tool of any form to ones EDC makes a lot of sense from a practicality and functionality point of view. The type of multi-tool present and the different Every Day Carries I reviewed varied significantly.

Knife based multi-tools like the Victorinox and Leatherman featured a lot which enforces our view on the Knife as a part of your EDC, if your going to carry a knife it might as well have some other tools with it as well. Smaller key ring and credit card type multi-tools also featured a fair bit in the Every Day Carries I reviewedThese are easy and convenient to carry in the wallet or on your keychain and are usually genius in their design as they have so many features in such a small unit. Just don’t do what I did and get your credit card size multi-tool with a blade-end taken off you at airport security.

4. A Wallet

A wallet is a bit of a no brainer for your EDC. Where else do you plan on carrying the ten thousand cards we all have these days? The type featured had a strong variance, but the minimalist style of leather wallet proved to be the most popular.

A wallet can sometimes be one of the hardest things to choose, my advice would be to assess what you need to carry with you in your wallet and what is surplus. The amount of items you have remaining will dictate whether you should aim for the minimalist wallet or go for something more comprehensive.

5. The Notebook

Notebooks appeared enough in the EDC social media sites to warrant the No.5 spot on the list, however; I would not say that they featured in the majority of posts I reviewed. This is likely because they have largely been replaced by smart phones. In my opinion, a small notebook and a good pen should feature in most Modern Gentlemen’s Every Day Carry.

A notebook and pen are easier and quicker to use and will long out last the battery of your smart phone. So, if you’re looking for reliability and practicality then a notebook and pen is a must in your Every Day Carry.

6. A Key Fob

This one surprised me, but there was a strong representation of key fobs of different types in many of the Every Day Carries reviewed. Almost all sites featured some style of key fob varying from modern carbon fibre ones to the classic leather and the more practical 550 Paracord key fob.

A simple, yet easy addition to your Every Day Carry.

7. A Smart Phone

There’s not a lot of point explaining why smart phones make the list. Everyone has smart phones these days. When I was contracting in Afghanistan the locals there had a better smart phones than I did.

8. A Torch

A lot of people these days rely on their smart phones for the torch feature which is really convenient and saves you carrying extra things. However, they are very limited in their power and drain the battery on your smart phone.

Because of this, it does not surprise me that there was a strong presence of torches of varying brands and styles in the Every Day Carries of people who I’m assuming are huge fans of using the right tool for the job.

9. Pen 

Pens, like the notebook should have featured more than they did in my opinion at least. I did find that although there were some fancier fountain pens, the majority of the pens were the tactical style pen like our own Tac-Pen. Again, it’s probably due to the reliability, practicality and often multi-functionality that these styles of pens can offer that made them feature on this list.

10. Paracord (in some form or another)

Every Day Carriers love paracord, so much paracord. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing one EDC with paracord just holding paracord. Paracord in all its forms were present such as paracord key fobs, paracord knife lanyards, paracord knife handles, paracord bracelets, Paracord watch bands (These confused me, If you break the band to use the paracord how do you hold onto your watch?). Paracord is super versatile, strong and a very practical thing to include in your Every Day Carry and if you never need to use it (which may be a good thing) you will still retain that sleek military look about you.

When it comes down to it, what you should carry in your Every Day Carry is whatever ever suits your needs. The biggest take away I would assess from my Every Day Carry research is to make your Every Day Carry practical, functional, reliable and tailored to what you need and if you can, make it colour co-ordinated.

Bryce Vidler
Bryce Vidler


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