NATO Watch Strap - Brown Genuine Leather


NATO Straps trace their origins back to the UK Ministry of Defence where they were designed to be a hardwearing military watch strap. The NATO Strap's pedigree makes it capable of handling whatever you can put it through. Over the years styling has developed and now the NATO strap can be just as well suited to a formal occasion as it is to the battlefield. Nowhere better is this demonstrated than by James Bond himself sporting NATO Straps in both 'Goldfinger' and 'Spectre'. The Brown Genuine leather NATO Strap is a timeless classic.

Product includes a complementary pair of spring bars.

Stainless Steel Round Buckle, stitched to strap (not glued)
Solid one piece buckle
Heat welded sides and holes

Strap length 27.3cm
Strap length to first hole 15.8cm, to last hole 24cm


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