Professional Quality Spring Bar Tool


This spring bar tool is one of the best spring bar tool styles on the market today, integrating three functional tips.One end of the tool features a reversible tip, it has a small forked end for removing spring bars, and a straight pointed end for removing link pins. The opposite end has a larger forked end slightly curved like the Japanese spring bar tool.

The smaller forked end is perfect for the metal bands where you have only a small space to fit the tool into and try to move the tool in that space.

The larger forked end which is spatula shaped is perfect for divers style bands and the extra large cases as it will give you the extra strength and leverage you need for heavier duty spring bars. The knurled handle is designed to give you a more comfortable grip and with less chance of slipping.

This is one of the most versatile and heavy duty spring bar tools available on the market today.

  • One doubled ended tip: one side forked, the other pointed
  • One single ended tip: forked and slightly curved for use on larger or heavier watch bands
  • Forked tips measure 1.20 and 4.0mm,
  • Pointed tip measures .80mm
  • Nickel plated


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