Ask any person to empty their pockets and you’ll likely find a slim wallet, an EDC Knife, and, most recently, some type of smartphone. Despite the rise of technology — most notably smartphones — an EDC pen still remains one of the most versatile staples in an EDC kit.

Not only is taking notes by hand still faster than opening your phone, finding the proper app, and typing away on a virtual keyboard that is much too small for your fingers, an EDC pen is also much more reliable and will allow you to write down phone numbers, ideas, lists, and notes long after your smartphone’s battery has bitten the dust. An everyday carry pen — if taken well care of — will also outlast any smartphone on the market today, will never become outdated, and will never stop working if not eventually connected to a power source.

For those looking to include this field-tested staple in their current everyday carry ensemble, Timely Gent presents the Tac-Pen by GentlemenAF
  • Tac-Pen Tactical Glass Breaker Pens are refillable with standard and fisher space pen refills. They come standard as a real ballpoint pen with an ultra-durable tungsten glass breaker tip
  • This tactical glass breaker pen provides a smooth writing experience, with a ballpoint tip on one end and a carbide tip glass breaker on the other end this ballpoint pen becomes a tactical and strategic tool in-case of emergency or self-defense.
  • Tac-Pen is a real ballpoint tactical pen, that fits perfect in a briefcase, teachers desk, office. Great for creative writers and business executives. This tungsten tip glass breaker tactical pen is easy to use in case of emergency
  • We believe in our Tac-Pen Tactical Glass Breaker Pens, that's why we stand behind GentlemenAF's Tac-Pen Tactical Glass breaker Pens. We take pride in the fact that Tac-Pen are trusted by the Police, Military and Special forces.
  • Tac-Pen are compatible with Standard and Fischer space pen refills as well as space pen refills.

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